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AQUA STOP mattress support, slip resistant

Mattress pad made of 3-dimensional high-tech - polyester frame - fabric. 

Equipped with a n t i - s l i p underside.  
Exclusively CALYPSO delivers this high-quality spacer fabric in the anti-slip-edition!
AQUA-STOP is placed under the mattress and provides a maximum air circulation through absolute shape stability. Moisture optimally evaporates with the help of the air cushion in the open-pore and approx. 10 mm thick honeycomb structure.

Thus, AQUA STOP ensures a healthy sleep climate without wetness and mould stains on upholstery and mattresses. 

The spacer fabric can easily be cut to any bed dimension desired with scissors. 

Size price
200 x 100 cm 80,00 EUR
 on stock
200 x 120 cm 93,00 EUR
 on stock
200 x 140 cm 108,00 EUR
 on stock
200 x 160 cm 119,00 EUR
 on stock
200 x 180 cm 132,00 EUR
 on stock
200 x 200 cm 145,00 EUR
 on stock
200 x 60 cm 50,00 EUR
 on stock
200 x 80 cm 63,00 EUR
 on stock

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